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Life’s Essential Ingredients Podcast

Listen as hosts Jeff and Mike invite guests to highlight their life's essential ingredient. They'll share who helped them develop their ingredient and how you can develop it into your life as well. Now available on all streaming platforms


C4 Leaders is the only nonprofit organization to utilize the pizza-making process to create learning opportunities for those we Know, Love, and Care About to be:

Seen, Heard & Loved


The FIRST STEP Begins With "Being Where Your Hands Are"

A phrase that emphasizes the importance of being fully present and focused on the task at hand. The term suggests that one should direct their attention and energy to the immediate situation or activity they are engaged in, rather than being distracted or preoccupied with other thoughts or tasks.

"Be Where Your Hands Are" encourages individuals to avoid multitasking and to give their full attention to the present moment. It emphasizes the idea that by being fully present and engaged, one can enhance their productivity, effectiveness, and overall experience in whatever they are doing. It is often used as a reminder to stay mindful and avoid getting caught up in distractions or thoughts about past or future events.

Steps 2, 3 and 4

The Pizza Making Process is a four step journey filled with opportunities to:

STEP 2 - Engage in a multi sensory experience

STEP 3 - Ignite your emotions

STEP 4 - Inspire each other to live your life's purpose

We serve individuals, teams, schools, businesses, and families.
Regardless of who we are serving, the outcome is always the same... We Rise Together!

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Jeff Christian Presents

We Rise Together

Book 1 - The first book in The Pizza Day Series where Mrs. Rock inspires her students to listen with empathy, think deeply, and develop self-reflection through the pizza making process.



Listening to others with an empathetic ear with the intent of serving others.


Developing trust to bring and receive value from the connections in our lives.


Overcoming fear to share our gift.


Consistently challenge our thoughts and perspectives accepting vulnerability.

Jeff Christian Presents

Lucy's Secret Sauce

The second book in the series, will be released this June


I Learned About Myself

“Thank you for the C4 insights. For the past two sessions, it gave me an opportunity to evaluate myself with regards to listening, communication, trust, building a strong character, competence, consistency, definition of happy and success, and core value. I believe that I got to know about myself through this C4 session.”


Jason B.

Lynsey J.

Wonderful and Empowering

“Throughout life, I have always had self-doubt, low self-esteem, and thought no one believed in me. I think this conference really helped because I was able to be myself, meet wonderful people, be empowered by others, while expressing and voicing my opinions and hearing that others have the same beliefs and are supportive.”

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